Production Design for the San Jose Opera’s Set for Idomeneo

EverGreene was commissioned to assist in the production design for the set for the San Jose Opera’s production of Mozart’s Idomeneo, which opened last week. The set, conceived by set designer Steven C. Kemp, was inspired by wall paintings excavated from the ancient Minoan city Akrotiri on the island of Thera (now Santorini). We helped Kemp take those inspirations into reality with the conceptual development of historically¬†accurate¬†color schemes and murals, and then carried out the artwork.
In reviews of the opera, critics made repeated note of the stage design! The review from the San Francisco Chronicle states “the evening’s most striking aspect was the physical production,” and the San Jose Mercury News says “Throughout the three acts of the opera there are spectacular sets, paintings and objects which are authentically in the character of bronze age Crete.”

Jeff, Bill, Sophia, and Boris go over designs in the studio

One wall of the set, in progress in the studio

Original "Landscape of Springtime" fresco from the city of Akritori

Garden designs (in progress) based on original Minoan wall paintings

The stage set, in San Jose