Painting the Finishing Touches on the New York State Assembly Stairwell

EverGreene is wrapping up a major milestone at the New York State Capitol: we’re putting the finishing touches on the 5th floor level of the NY State Assembly staircase. EverGreene had completed the lower areas several years ago, so we were thrilled to be able to come back and finish the space. First, Mike Fomin and his crew of painters stripped away all of the old paint campaigns, then we cut stencils in the New York studio, and finally painted them onsite. The decorative painting crew, with Terry Brackenbury, Dana Brackenbury, Heidi Xu, John Coles, and Virginia Montayne, worked for six weeks to repaint the original, historical stencil pattern.

EverGreene craftsmen painting the stencils

A detail of the stencils. EverGreene also painted the color details on the limestone cornice

Terry Brackenbury putting the finishing touches on a stencil

The "floor" pictured here is actually a scaffold, over 50 feet off the ground