Meet The Artist: Gustavo Rojas

EverGreene Gustavo RojasGustavo Rojas has worked as an artist and designer with EverGreene for over 25 years. Originally from Colombia, Gustavo has exhibited internationally, including shows at the Bergen Museum of Art and Science, the Newark Museum and the Williams Center for the Arts. His work is a part of  Brooklyn Museum’s permanent collection as well as the Library of Congress archives. In Nueva realidad en un mundo diferente (1986) we witness the artist grappling with his roots—through the use of abstracted pre-Colombian symbols—and his present, digital world. His use of color and form are simultaneously surreal and familiar (for those of us who dream in the language of Nintendo and Photoshop gradients). The dichotomy of past and present is further accentuated in his use of acrylics and aerograph technique; a traditional medium in the service of a contemporary mode. From the artist:

Through my work, I try to highlight the richness of the inherited and destroyed culture of my ancestors and achieve its continuity. I acknowledge it through symbols, color, form and space with an abstract style, joining the past with the present, distances and time, and thus I carry the message that satisfied my thirst for expression and achieves a communication with the spectator.

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Gustavo Rojas, Nueva realidad en un mundo diferente (1986)
Gustavo Rojas, Nueva realidad en un mundo diferente, 1986.