Meet the artist: Jackie Clark

Jackie ClarkJackie Clark is a specialist in the field of the Decorative Arts and has worked on many historic theatres, churches and government buildings throughout the country. She has participated in numerous en plein air events since 2009. Jackie resides in New York City, but maintains a deep affection for her home state of Maryland returning often to paint the landscape she is so familiar with.

Jackie’s approach to painting is derived from that of the Impressionists; she brings her canvas out of doors, en plein air, and paints what she sees in front of her. Incorporating a “wet on wet” technique to layering color, she scrubs, scrapes and draws directly in the freshly applied paint to produce a luminous and radiant surface.

“I pay close attention to the type of marks I make in my work, each is precise and contributes to the quality of the canvas surface. I like to try new things without straying too far from a traditional approach, but the speed needed to paint “on location” requires all hands on deck- mind, body and soul!”

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