In addition to the art and conservation projects underway in our New York studio, EverGreene crews are at work onsite in locations throughout the United States and abroad. These unique undertakings bring new insights, attract publicity, and garner awards.

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EverGreene is Hosting a Plaster Workshop for AIA CES Learning Units

Plaster Shop

EverGreene will now be offering a Plaster Workshop for AIA Continuing Education (CES) for  Learning Units, or for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of plaster.

Over the past 34 years a substantial portion of EverGreene’s work has focused on the restoration, consolidation, replication and new design of ornamental and flat plaster.  We have had the opportunity to study the application and behavior of this versatile material in scores of new and historic buildings across the country.  Through exploration of the most ubiquitous historic and contemporary systems as well as examination of case studies this program aims to better acquaint participants with plaster systems and application, the materials, and essential considerations for successful new and historic plaster projects.

This will workshop will:

1. Improve your ability to design projects that include plaster elements, promote long lasting repairs and avoid common pitfalls.

2. Review terminology, and dispel misconceptions about plaster applications.

3. Examine the methods used to evaluate the stability of existing plaster for historic restoration projects.

If you or your firm is interested, we can set up a time to host a workshop at our New York Studio, or provide a workshop in your own office if you are in the New York area. Please contact Emily Sottile for more information on scheduling or if you would like to be a part of our next plaster workshop.

For more information on AIA’s CES program, click here.