In addition to the art and conservation projects underway in our New York studio, EverGreene crews are at work onsite in locations throughout the United States and abroad. These unique undertakings bring new insights, attract publicity, and garner awards.

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Kings Theatre Restoration: Project Update

The Kings Theatre restoration is making some fantastic headway. We’ve been going full swing for a couple months now, and we’re so excited to show off some of our work. For some information about the project, along with some images of what it looked like before, click here.

Here are a couple snapshots of what we’ve been doing.

EverGreene painter is installing accent colors at the Grand Lobby ceiling. Plaster and decorative paint in the Grand Lobby is expected to be completed in August.

Plasterer is working on a recreated beam and column on the orchestra level in the auditorium. Nearly all the plaster columns and beams are being installed on historic metal framing. All the new plaster has the same thickness and density as the original plaster in the theater.

Painters are completing finishing touches on the Inner Lobby ceiling. The Inner Lobby is the first area of the theater to have completed plaster restoration and decorative paint.