In addition to the art and conservation projects underway in our New York studio, EverGreene crews are at work onsite in locations throughout the United States and abroad. These unique undertakings bring new insights, attract publicity, and garner awards.

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Faux Stones at the National Zoo

EverGreene has finished painting the General Service Building Retaining Wall at the National Zoo Park. Our artists used Keim paint to transform the cast concrete; making it appear like the stone walls in nearby Rock Creek Park. Decorative painters carefully blended colors to create a custom, hyper-realistic stone fa├žade for the 43ft-tall retaining wall. After applying the base coat, five different colors and a multitude of painting techniques, including glazing and stippling, were implemented to mimic the appearance of real stone. To finish the project, artisans sealed the formwork with Keim Concretal dilution and Keim Lazur. The National Zoo is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

National Zoo Retainer Wall

Decorative painters applied 5 different colors to achieve the realistic stone look.

The finished retaining wall