Novawall Systems

The Standard for Fabric Wall & Ceiling Systems

EverGreene is now the exclusive distributor of Novawall fabric wall and ceiling systems in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Northern New Jersey, and Fairfield County in Connecticut. Novawall systems— extremely high quality acoustic track panel systems which can be applied in literally any interior space—are the most established panel systems in the industry. Novawall has been a market innovator for decades; they have the longest warranty in the industry, a history of green building practices, and a range of sustainable products.

EverGreene can take the practical and artistic applications of Novawall systems to new levels. EverGreene’s in- house design studio can design patterns and images for Novawall systems for artistic displays in museums and public spaces, permanent mural- style installations, and an almost infinite variety of individual, custom decoration. The printing, fabrication of the panels, and even the installation is performed from start to finish by EverGreene staff.

Please contact Phil Sabo at, or call him at 212.244.2800, for more information on Novawall systems.

Selected Projects