Altria Theater

Richmond, VA

The 1926 Moorish revival Altria Theater was originally built and used by the Shriners as the ACCA Temple Shrine. It was purchased by the city and known as The Mosque (theater) in the 1940’s. In 1995 its name was changed to the Landmark, and, in 2014 it reopened after restoration as the Altria.

EverGreene restored decorative paint throughout the lobby , auditorium and lounge areas, replicating documented historic stenciling and cleaning original murals. Venetian plaster was installed in the box office area as well as in the corridors outside the auditorium. In the auditorium, decorative paint beneath the balcony was repaired and restored and large-scale ornament around the light fixtures on the ceiling were replicated from extant decoration and restored. In the Egyptian-themed ballroom, EverGreene artists and designers recreated historic decoration and craftsmen installed them along with new decorative paint on site.

Wilson Butler Architects 

Decorative ornament on the auditorium ceiling was replicated and restored

Decorative paint was restored and implemented in the lounges

Decorative paint was restored in the lounges

New artwork was created in the EverGreene studio and installed in the reception area

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