Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, Brooklyn NY

Originally built as a parish church to accommodate a growing Irish immigrant population, St. Joseph’s was elevated to co-cathedral in 2013. Recognizing its new status, EverGreene’s work began with a historic finishes investigation and included restoration of historic murals, plaster, scagliola and decorative painting as well as the design and installation of new artwork and liturgical appointments.

The new liturgical artistry program understands the cathedral as an icon of the diocese and created decoration that represents and engages the diocese’s culturally dynamic population. More than twenty-five figurative murals and over 100 decorative murals grace the renewed co-cathedrals interior including:

  • Depictions of the Madonna, Patroness of countries well represented in the diocese
  • The new American Saints mural above the organ featuring the American saints and those with a cause for sainthood in a landscape familiar to residents that includes the Brooklyn Bridge and Queens Globe Sphere
  • Medallions on the ceiling above the central aisle display the seven sacraments in procession and are flanked by the imagery of the holy family: Christograms, Marian monograms, appellations from the Loreto litany and bay leaves and lilies signifying St. Joseph.
Photography Credit
  • Whitney Cox
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Original Architect
Francis J. Berlenbach, Jr.
Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph
Originally Designed/Built
  • Historic Finishes Investigation and Analysis
  • Historic Mural Conservation
  • Design, Production and Installation of New Liturgical Murals and Ornament
  • Scagliola Restoration
  • Ornamental and Flat Plaster
  • Decorative Paint, Glazing and Gilding
  • Cleaning to and Modification of Marble Liturgical Furnishin