Colorado State Capitol Dome

Denver, CO

The Colorado State Capitol Building, built in the 1890s, was designed by Elijah E. Myers and modeled after the United States Capitol. The gold dome, gilded with genuine 24k gold, commemorates Colorado’s 1859 Gold Rush.. EverGreene had the privilege of restoring the gilded surface twice;  in the early 1990s as part of an extensive restoration, and again in 2013, when a new dome was constructed as  part of a seismic upgrade .

Unique to this project, EverGreene sourced gold mined in Colorado which was sent to Florence, Italy to be melted down and pounded into gold leaf sheets by classical masters.

In July, 2014, EverGreene conservators repelled down the state capitol to regild the dome with 24k gold.

Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol aerial prior to 2013 reconstruction

During 1990's re-gilding

Conservators repelled down the state capitol dome to regild it.

Conservators carefully regilded the capitol dome in July, 2014

Colorado State Capitol dome prior to 2013 reconstruction

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