Copley Plaza

Brooklyn, NY

The Copley Plaza lobby ceiling was covered in overpaint. The existing color palette left much to be desired and the paint was cracked and peeling from the ceiling surface. EverGreene served as the primary consultant on this project; providing budget and scheduling recommendations as well as new decorative schemes based on the original. Conservators conducted a historic finishes investigation to determine the 1927  color palette on which to base the new designs. Plaster ornament, that had been significantly water damaged, was restored and new decorative paint, incorporating an aluminum leaf and glaze treatment, was implemented to reflect the original design. EverGreene also served as a General Contractor for this project, subcontracting the cleaning and refinishing of stone and metal finishings in the space. The lobby remained fully operational throughout the restoration which allowed residents to see the exciting transformation first-hand. The ceiling features Adamesque ornament with four female figures, positioned at each corner, thought to be likenesses of the famous dancer Isadora Duncan.

The fully restored lobby ceiling at Copley Plaza

EverGreene Copley Plaza

The lobby ceiling before restoration.

EverGreene Copley Plaza

Detail of the ceiling before restoration

EverGreene Copley Plaza

The dancing female figures are an homage to Isadora Duncan

The restored ceiling of Copley Plaza

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