Eldridge Street Synagogue

New York, NY

The Eldridge Street Synagogue (1887) is often identified as New York City’s first major synagogue for Eastern European jews. The synagogue’s exuberant decoration is a blend of Moorish and poetic vernacular styles. The preservation of the synagogue’s palpable historical ambience was achieved by conserving as much of the original fabric as possible. This ambience was further sustained by maintaining a patina of age on the intricately hand-painted designs of the interior. EverGreene first surveyed the conditions of the original decorative painting and plaster, and then investigated the two most significant decorative campaigns (including exposure windows, conservation cleaning tests, and onsite mock-up samples). EverGreene was then contracted for the comprehensive restoration of finishes, including decorative painting conservation and replication, plaster consolidation and restoration, stenciling, faux bois, marbleizing, gilding, and wood refinishing.

Architect: Walter Sedovic Architects
General Contractor: T. Higgins Construction

After conservation and restoration

After conservation and restoration

Balcony fascia wood after refinishing

Before restoration and conservation

During conservation cleaning

Replicating decorative pendantive

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