Grace Church

Brooklyn, NY

EverGreene conservators conducted a historic finishes investigation  that uncovered the designs that once adorned the walls and ceiling of Grace Church. Extensive research showed that the Gothic ornament in A.W. Pugin’s “Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament,” closely resembles the style of the decorative painting added to Grace Church in 1866.

The sanctuary was designed to represent a verdant earthly paradise; celestial stars decorate the ceiling between forrest-like wood beam trusses; the medallions accent the spandrels like brightly colored rose windows; the spandrel border is decorated with a repeating vine and floral pattern, an Old Testament symbol of abundance and the trellis pattern on the walls features the sprouting seed motif symbolizing regeneration supported by the cross.

The Church was conserved and restored in 2013.

Grace Church, Brooklyn, after the 2013 restoration

Grace Church before conservation and restoration

The ceiling of Grace Church before conservation and restoration

Overpaint was removed to uncover the 1866 decoration

The ceiling of Grace Church was inpainted to restore the 1866 decorative scheme

The celestial sky in Grace Church after restoration

Grace Church side aisle, before renewal

Historically sympathetic ornament, symbolic of ecclesiastical themes and motifs, was chosen to adorn the church

Ornament in the apse of Grace Church after restoration

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