Lerner Theater

Elkhart, IN

Built in 1924, the Lerner Theater in Elkhart, IN, served first as a theater and then as a movie hall, but by the mid 1990s it had fallen into a state of neglect. In conjunction with the construction of a new building adjacent to the historic theater, EverGreene was contracted to bring the Lerner’s interior back to its original beauty.

EverGreene first created a rendering of the new interior based on archival research, and then painted a mockup, or sample area of decoration, in the auditorium, the design scheme of which was subsequently approved for the whole interior. ┬áIn addition to the decorative paint scheme, EverGreene designed the auditorium’s damask- style wallpaper. EverGreene also designed and fabricated the entirety of the ornamental plaster decorationand then installed it on site.

Architect: Moody Nolan, Inc.

General Contractor: Majority Builders, Inc.

The new auditorium, designed based on archival sources

EverGreene's rendering for the interior

The ornamental plaster was designed by EverGreene

The restored theater lobby

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