Mask and Wig Club

Philadelphia, PA

The Mask & Wig Club was founded in 1889 as a student theatrical organization.  In 1894, the club purchased a stable in downtown Philadelphia– the structural design to transform the stable into a rehearsal, performance, and clubhouse facility was conceived by the renowned architect, Wilson Eyre, and the interior decoration was painted by the (soon-to-be nationally recognized) artist, Maxfield Parrish.

EverGreene performed the cleaning and restoration of oil paintings that were damaged during a fire in March of 2008. The paintings were in two groupings; a series of caricature portraits painted on wood paneling in the Grille Room and a large mural painted on plaster in the Theater. The conservation of the proscenium painting was completed in conjunction with plaster stabilization and restoration.

Architect: Matthew Millan Architects, Inc.

The Mask & Wig Club Theater

The conserved proscenium painting

The conserved proscenium painting

The conserved Grille Room

The Conserved Maxfield Parrish Murals

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