Paramount Center

Boston, MA

EverGreene conservators provided the initial historic finishes investigation (including plaster and paint conditions surveys) to determine the original color palette.
Plaster Restoration/ Fabrication included stripping, mold making, casting, sculpting, installation andpointing of archways, lunettes, entablature, columns, brackets, and cornices. The decorative painting of the auditorium ceiling and walls, entrance lobby and mezzanine lobby included trompe l’eoil, glazing, sponging, hand painting, stenciling, and metallic leaf.  EverGreene used the documentation gathered in the study phase to replicate the stencils. The existing patterns were then painted out with the intended base color and the designs hand stenciled in our New York Studio.

Architect: Elkus Manfredi

General Contractor: Bond Brothers, Inc.