St. Aloysius Catholic Church

Bowling Green, Ohio

In 2010, EverGreene conservators completed a conservation study at St. Aloysius Church. Beneath layers of post-historic overpaint were original murals designed by Felix Lieftucher.

The investigative study determined the condition of the historic murals and the feasibility of restoration. The study focused on the historic murals in the sanctuary as well as the frieze above the side aisles.

The murals, painted directly onto a textured plaster substrate using Keim paint, were likely painted between 1923 and 1940 and painted over before the 1970s.

EverGreene removed the layers of overpaint using a water-based liquid solvent, restoring the original artwork and inpainting areas of loss with reversible conservation paint in historically appropriate colors.

St. Aloysius after restoration

A historic image of the St. Aloysius sanctuary

St. Aloysius before restoration

The scaffolding goes up in the sanctuary

Conservators inpainted areas of loss

The murals in St. Aloysius after restoration

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