St. Mary’s Hall, Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA

When Boston College moved from Boston onto the heights in Chestnut Hill, school administrators worked with Boston architects Maginnis and Walsh to design a campus in the English Collegiate Gothic Style. One of the first buildings, designed by Charles Donagh Maginnis, was St. Mary’s Hall. Built in 1917, it served as the Jesuit residence for the BC community. In 2013 a rehabilitation and restoration effort was undertaken to improve, restore, and upgrade the historic hall.

EverGreene performed a comprehensive restoration of the historic plaster and Caen stone in the first floor hallways, cleaned the marble in the Chapel and implemented Dutch metal gilding in the sacristy. Conservators cleaned years of accumulated grime and smoke from the blocks’ surface and craftsmen repaired cracks and replaced damaged blocks with newly-replicated ones. Plaster artisans made molds of extant decorative bosses and replicated them, restoring those that had suffered irreparable damage.  Newly-cast plaster was treated with a decorative paint finish to integrate the newly cast plaster with the historic Caen stone to provide a seamless finish.

General contractor: Shawmut Design & Construction
Architect: DiMella Shaffer  
St. Mary's Boston College

The newly restored hallway in St. Mary's

St. Mary's Boston College

Newly restored Caen stone

St. Mary's Boston College

Craftsmen gilded decorative finishes in dutch metal