Suffolk County Courthouse

Boston, MA

The Great Hall of the Suffolk County Courthouse (George A. Clough, 1894) was decorated by Albert Haberstroh.  The courthouse was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.  Over the years, the atrium ceiling had suffered multiple forms of damage, including water infiltration, plaster cracking and spalling, staining, active flaking and paint loss, dirt and grime accumulation, and insensitive over-painting.
Under the leadership of chief conservator Gillian Randell, EverGreene restored the decoratively painted barrel-vaulted ceiling from June-December 2003. The scope included paint consolidation, conservation cleaning, plaster consolidation and repair, loss compensation including in-filling, in-painting and in-toning, recreation of two murals, Lex and Justitia, and decorative painting, gilding and glazing of architectural elements