Warner Theatre

Torrington, CT

Opened in 1931, the Warner Theatre is a late work of renowned theater designer Thomas Lamb. It is an idiosyncratic, exuberant Art Deco style theater which has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Some of its most unusual features are the Star in geometric pattern in the center of the ceiling, a peacock stenciling in an Indo-Persian motif also on the ceiling, and  a host of unusual plaster ornamentation at various locations throughout the theater.
EverGreene performed the initial historic paint investigation. EverGreene subsequently restored ornamental plaster throughout the buidling, conserved lobby murals depicting local historical scenes, and in the auditorium performed the polychromy, stenciling, gilding, glazing, and sponge- painting to replicate the original texture and aesthetic of the interior. EverGreene also restored architectural woodwork throughout the theater.

Architect: Sevigny Architects