Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Los Angeles

Built in 1929, Wilshire Boulevard Temple was called the “Temple of the Stars” by the New York Times, and is home to Los Angeles’ oldest Jewish congregation that dates to 1862. The Byzantine revival style dome—now the centerpiece of the temple—needed some major work. EverGreene was hired to conduct a study of the dome, develop treatment recommendations, implement seismic stabilization of the dome’s infrastructure as recommended by the engineers, implement necessary acoustical plaster repairs and refurbish the dome’s ornamental plaster and decorative paint.

The 100 foot high coffered dome had been damaged by water. The leaks had caused severe deterioration of the paint and delamination of the plaster. To repair the damage, glue was injected into cracks in the loose plaster to consolidate and harden to prevent further damage. To create replacement plaster ornament, molds of the extant pieces were made and duplicates were cast on-site. Accumulated dust and salts were cleaned, and then the 10,000 sq ft dome interior was repainted using a variety of techniques including glazing, Keim painting, flashing, and gilding.

Photographs by Tom Bonner