Commercial Painting

A Trusted Source for Surfaces, from Preparation to Paint

EverGreene’s reputation for quality, dependability and attention to detail in decorative painting and restoration eventually led to an increased demand for an expanded service in providing quality priming, painting and coatings. This has allowed clients, architects, and contractors to rely on EverGreene as a single source for finishes, from plasterwork, priming, and painting to the completion of meticulous decorative paint restoration. The studio’s Quality Painting & Coatings Department also has its own growing clientele for large-scale commercial projects calling for high-end finishes.


Surface Cleaning, Preparation, & Skim Coating

Paint Stripping, including Materials & Methods Testing

Painting & Varnishing by Spray, Brush, & Roller Applications

Specialty Coatings, including Intumescent Paints, Zolatone-type Spray Finishes, Acoustic Spray Finishes, & Scuffmaster

Installation of Wallcoverings & Canvas

Fiberglass Wall Reinforcement for Severe Cracking

Decorative Finishes for Historic & Contemporary Interiors

Scaffolding Systems Procurement

Selected Projects
  • Lobby after painting
  • Lobby after painting