Planning and Design

Strategic Thinking & Past Successes Serve as our Guides

EverGreene brings experience accumulated from dozens of related endeavors to every prospective project. The studio can be of assistance with budgeting, scheduling, and planning the logistics of your work with input that is beneficial to you months or even years before onsite efforts commence. With an approach informed by more than three decades of past successes, EverGreene can help formulate not only the most strategic, cost-effective, and non-disruptive solutions, but the most beautiful and enduring as well.

EverGreene is also a resource for artists’ renderings and onsite mock-up samples that convey a vision for the project, build enthusiasm, and often serve as a catalyst for fundraising and other financial support. These tools have proven to be the most potent way to unify the voices of the entire project team. Email our Planning and Design Department, or call 212.244.2800


Design-Build Consulting

Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Historic Finishes Investigation & Paint Analysis

Design Development & Renderings

Color Boards

Onsite Mock-up Samples

Scope of Work & Budget Development

Written Specifications

Logistics & Scheduling