The Recognized Leader

EverGreene has been selected for more of the nation’s most significant restoration projects than any other architectural arts firm. Architects and general contractors who repeatedly choose to work with EverGreene cite experience, dependability and talent, as well as problem-solving and value-engineering skills, as compelling reasons for coming to EverGreene. Clients also appreciate the passion that EverGreene brings to a project, which helps to create both momentum and excellence.

EverGreene understands how the different media and substrates found in original art, finishes, and architectural elements interrelate and combine to create a beautiful historic interior. Many restoration projects benefit from our Planning & Design services, including historic finishes investigations and conditions surveys.

Interior restoration campaigns frequently include paint conservation, a uniquely demanding process requiring an artistically skilled hand coupled with a scientific knowledge of finishes. With formally trained art and architectural conservators on staff, EverGreene is particularly trusted for projects involving mural or decorative paint conservation. Please click here to contact us about our restoration services, or call us at 212.244.2800.


Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Historic Finishes Investigations & Paint Analysis

Design Work & Artists’ Renderings

Fine Arts Conservation

Onsite Mock-up Samples

Hanging Systems for Plaster Ceilings

Plaster Consolidation & Reattachment

Sculpting & Recasting Lost Ornament

New Cast Ornament & Run-in-place Mouldings

Flat Plaster Restoration

Substrate Preparation & Paint Stripping

Priming & Base Painting

Decorative Painting

Stone, Wood, & Metal Restoration

Interior & Exterior Gilding