Stone, Wood, and Metal

Quality Restoration & Refinishing

EverGreene most often undertakes the restoration of stone and the refinishing of wood and metal when serving as a single-source provider of a comprehensive finishes restoration package. However, the studio is also a valuable resource for individual projects involving large amounts of wood or metal refinishing.

After existing conditions of these materials are evaluated, onsite testing is done to determine the best options for treatment that will renew the appearance without damage. In some cases, testing may also reveal that a simpler solution is possible. For example, determining that a wooden surface is finished in shellac means that it could be reamalgamated rather than stripped. Findings from the investigative work, combined with encyclopedic knowledge and experience with historical finishes, allow EverGreene to produce a high-quality result.


Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Material & Finishes Testing

Written Specifications

Onsite Mock-up Samples

Conservation & Restoration


Cleaning & Regrouting