Enhancing the Experience of Space

Important places of commerce and hospitality have often enhanced the experience of their spaces with high-quality painting, decorative treatments, murals, and other elements that help to create the desired atmosphere, whether that might be a rich, historical appearance, an exciting getaway, or simply a feeling of comfort.

EverGreene has provided newly designed murals, custom finishes, and historic restoration and conservation for commercial spaces around the globe, from the Empire State Building in New York City to the Mirage Hotel in Dubai, U.A.E. The studio’s Quality Painting & Coatings Department also undertakes large projects focused on surface preparation, priming, color palettes, and production painting, as a stand-alone project or in support of other decorative treatments or restoration. Clients seeking the proper care for their historic interiors, or the requisite talent for new artwork worthy of the ages, find that EverGreene more than meets their needs.


Decorative Finishes for Historic & Contemporary Interiors

Design & Execution of Ornamental Plaster & Decorative Painting

Fine Arts Conservation

New Murals & Other Artwork

Historic Finishes Investigations & Paint Analysis

Surface Cleaning, Preparation, & Skim Coating

Paint Stripping, including Materials & Methods Testing

Painting & Varnishing by Spray, Brush, & Roller Application

Specialty Coatings, including Acoustic Spray Finishes & Scuffmaster

Installation of Wallcoverings & Canvas

Fiberglass Wall Reinforcement for Severe Cracking

Scaffolding Systems Procurement