Uplifting the Civic Realm

Restoration work by EverGreene can be seen in more than half of the state capitol buildings, as well as courthouses, city halls, and other civic structures within the country and beyond its borders. The studio has preserved uplifting architectural and fine art in civic spaces, from the conservation of murals by renowned artists such as Kenyon Cox, Edwin Blashfield, and Hildreth Meier, to the conservation and restoration of interiors designed by the great turn-of-the-century architect Cass Gilbert and decorative interior elements by Louis C. Tiffany. EverGreene’s federal contracts in Washington D.C. have included the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress.

Projects whose original decorative paint schemes have been painted over often benefit from a historic finishes investigation during the Planning & Design phases of a project. Subsequent efforts usually address interior surfaces and substrates with a focus on plaster, paint, murals, and other architectural artwork.



Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Historic Finishes investigations & Paint Analysis

Design Work & Artists’ Renderings

Fine Arts Conservation

Onsite Mock-up Samples

Hanging Systems for Plaster Ceilings

Plaster Consolidation & Reattachment

Sculpting & Recasting Lost Ornament

New Ornamental Plaster & Sculpture

Flat Plaster Restoration

Paint Stripping

Priming & Base Painting

Decorative Painting

Stone, Wood, & Metal Restoration