The Preferred Studio for Theater Restoration

EverGreene has provided restoration work for more than 250 historic theaters in communities large and small across the country, from Radio City Music Hall in New York City to the Grand Opera House in Meridian, MS and the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, CA. President Jeff Greene has served extensively on the board of the League of Historic American Theaters, assisting in the establishment of services and networks to support theater preservation efforts, which in turn often spark extensive downtown revitalizations.

Theaters whose original decorative schemes have been repainted can benefit from a historic finishes investigation by the studio during Planning & Design. Subsequent efforts usually address interior surfaces and substrates with a focus on plaster, paint, and murals. The studio has also provided for the conservation and replication of Historic Murals & Artwork for numerous important artworks installed in theatrical venues.



Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Historic Finishes investigations & Paint Analysis

Design Work & Artists’ Renderings

Fine Arts Conservation

Onsite Mock-up Samples

Orchestra Shells

Hanging Systems for Plaster Ceilings

Plaster Consolidation & Reattachment

Sculpting & Recasting Lost Ornament

New Ornamental Plaster & Sculpture

Flat Plaster Restoration

Paint Stripping

Priming & Base Painting

Decorative Painting

Stone, Wood, & Metal Restoration

AuditoriumPROJECT: Fox Theater
OverallPROJECT: Fox Theater
Kings Theatre opened in early 2015, with Diana Ross performing at a sold-out opening night showPROJECT: Kings Theatre

Selected Projects
  • Auditorium after restoration
  • Auditorium after restoration
  • Ceiling after restoration
  • Overall
  • Severance Hall after restoration
  • Kings Theatre opened in early 2015, with Diana Ross performing at a sold-out opening night show
  • Auditorium after restoration
  • East Village Cinema