Ford Motor Company Brings On EverGreene For Michigan Central Station Restoration

Ford Motor Company has brought on EverGreene Architectural Arts, one of the largest specialty contractors in the U.S., with a lengthy résumé of restoring historic buildings, to revive the grandest areas of the train depot, including the main waiting area, arcade, ticket lobby and restaurant.

The New York City-based company will replicate and restore approximately 56,000 square feet of decorative plasterwork. A distinguishing feature of the station’s Beaux-Arts architecture is the plaster, which covers most of the building’s first floor and was made to look like stone, a cost-saving measure at the time of construction. EverGreene will preserve and clean what original plaster material can be saved and re-create new portions where needed.

The 18-month project will use three plaster techniques – traditional three-coat plaster, ornamental plaster and veneer plaster – and will require replicating more than 3,000 cast plaster pieces, including the coffers, medallions, and rosettes that adorn the waiting room’s walls and ceilings. The work will be choreographed in a way that creates a seamless transition of old and new in the areas most visible to visitors.

Read the full press release on Ford Motors site here.


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