Outdoor Sculpture & Modern Art Collections

The care of collections of outdoor sculpture and modern art, in parks, gardens, and public setting, presents unique challenges. The uncontrolled environment subjects them to weathering deterioration from rain, storm damage, and exposure. Handling, wear, and abuse like graffiti can further deteriorate original finishes and surfaces.

Modern works of art often include painted finishes or unusual materials that do no demonstrate the long term resilience of tradition sculpture materials such as bronze or stone. Testing and analysis are frequently required to develop new treatments for these works and engagement with the artist or estate is essential to ensure that any treatments are consistent with their goals and the law.

Our Conservators have treated and managed the ongoing care for many outdoor and modern sculptures. Some of the must significant public collections in parks and campuses across the United States have entrusted the care of their outdoor artwork to EverGreene. These include New York City, Chicago, Alexandria, VA, Miami Beach, FL, and Asheville, NC. We have conserved works by 20th century masters in collections at museums including the Metropolitan Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Perez Museum of Art Miami, Crystal Bridges Museum, Neuberger Museum, and The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Outdoor collections at other historic sites and public institutions include: Biltmore Estate, Cheekwood, Vizcaya, Columbia University, University of Southern California, The Library of Congress, and cemeteries including Green-Wood, and Arlington National Cemetery.

Our conservation team’s unparalleled ability to assess and evaluate the condition of pieces in the collection, and ultimately provide the appropriate treatments to restore the sculpture and prevent future damage, has led to our continued success in working with unique, modern sculpture collections in exotic environments for private, corporate, university, and civic clients.

Featured Projects

AA Weinman Sculptures
Alexander Hamilton Sculpture
Alma Mater Sculpture
Anna Hyatt Huntington's Sculpture
Auguste Rodin's The Thinker
Augustin Pajou Sculpture
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Biltmore Estate Outdoor Sculpture Collection
California Street Sculptures
Central Park Statuary Collection
Charles O. Perry Sculpture
City Of Alexandria Public Art
Clement Meadmore's Curls Sculpture
Constantin Meunier's Le Marteleur Sculpture
D. C. French Granite Sculptures
David Bakalar's Life Force Sculpture
David Statue
Dinoceras Sculpture
Einstein Memorial
NASc Einstein Sculpture Maintenance
El Dorado Zinc Lion
Flora Aluminum Sculpture
Forecourt Gateways
George Barnard Statuary Groups
George Sugarman Sculpture
Gio Pomodoro Sculpture
Health Sciences Angel Sculpture
Henry Moore Sculpture
Henry Moore's Three Way Piece
Hermann The Cheruscan Sculpture
Hurricane Damage Remediation
Joel Shapiro's Loss & Regeneration Sculpture
Jun Kaneko & Ursula Von Rydingsvard Sculpture
Karl Bitter's Facade Sculptures
Lead Sculptures Collection
Isamu Noguchi's Slide Mantra Sculpture
J. W. Fiske Company Fountain
Jefferson Sculptures
Liberty Replica
Luigi Persico Sculpture Replicas
Madison Building Atrium Fountain
Marine Garden Urns
Martin Puryear's Bearing Witness
Martin Puryear's Big Bling
Marymoor Park Wooden Sculptures
Metronome - One Union Square
Miami Beach Public Art Collection Assessment
Moses Ezekiel Homer Sculpture Conservation
New York Public Library Lions
O'Cadiz Sculpture
Mark Lere Outdoor Sculpture
Peacock Columns
Pennsylvania Station "Night" Sculpture
Perez Art Museum Outdoor Sculpture Collection
Perez Art Museum
Sculpture of Mars
Sherman Memorial
Solar III Sculpture
Terra Cotta Sculptures
Thomas Jefferson Sculpture
Statuary Walk Sculptures
Stephen Glassman's Flows Two Ways
Sutri Fountain & Garden Sculptures
Swiss Embassy Sculptures
Three Fernando Botero Bronze Sculptures
Tony Smith's She Who Must Be Obeyed Sculpture
Tony Smith's Cigarette Sculpture
University Of Virginia Campus Art
Urban Trail Monument
USC University Park Sculptures
Venus de' Medici Sculpture
Vicenza Sculpture
Whooping Crane Sculpture
Zinc Lion Sculptures
9-11 Memorial Trident