Academy Center for the Arts

Lynchburg, VA

Built in 1905, the Academy Center for the Arts suffered a devastating fire in 1911, and was rebuilt immediately in less than six months. In 1920 the performing arts theatre became a movie theatre, but closed in 1958. A $29 million complete restoration project in 2018 brought the Academy back to its original glory.

EverGreene executed the restoration of ornamental plasterwork and decorative painting inside the theatre, in addition to the outside stucco. Artists and craftsmen in our Brooklyn Studio created hundreds of pieces of ornamental plaster, based in still existing pieces. The color palette reflected the original finishes from 1912. Claude Howell, the designer on the project, had previously worked with EverGreene on the restoration of the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham, AL, and specified many of the same design and decorative plaster ornaments.