Academy of Music Theatre

Lynchburg, VA

The Academy of Music Theatre has been through a number of changes in its 112-year history. Built in 1905, it suffered a devastating fire in 1911. Rebuilt in less than six months, the performing arts theatre changed over to movies in the 1920. Finally, it closed in 1958. But it’s next chapter – a $29M restoration and renovation – completed December 2018.

EverGreene – responsible for the restoration of the ornamental plaster – was responsible for making the molds and casting hundreds of pieces of plaster ornament in its Brooklyn studio. To do this, EverGreene artists and artisans created molds from extant pieces of plaster and used plaster molds made for the restoration of the Lyric Theatre in Birmingham, AL. Claude Howell designed the interiors of both the Academy and the Lyric and he specified the same molding, from a catalog, for both theaters (which EverGreene restored Lyric in 2015. ) Additional work includes painting and finishing the plaster ornament to reflect the color palette used in 1912. EverGreene also completed the stucco and painted the exterior.