Barnard Statuary Group Testing—Private

Pennsylvania State Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA

The Barnard Statuary Group is located at the main entrance to the Pennsylvania State Capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The two Carrara marble groups were carved in Pietrasanta, Italy from 1903 to 1911 by the Piccirilli Brothers of New York.

The sculptures showed evidences of cracking and other forms of deterioration by the 1920s. A number of restoration campaigns, varying in scope and level of intervention, were performed over the following decades.

We were contracted by the client to design and execute a testing program to evaluate the effectiveness of various repair treatments and to design and implement a monitoring program to evaluate the treatment over the duration of the contract period. The testing program consisted of a series of tests to: 1) establish a conservation timeline in order to understand all previous treatments that were performed on the sculptural groups; 2) establish essential basic data on the nature and performance of the Carrara marble of the groups; 3) compare the effectiveness of various consolidation methods and materials for Carrara marble; 4) evaluate if there are any adverse interactions between the proposed conservation materials and those materials that were used in previous treatments; and 5) evaluate any possible interactions between the proposed conservation materials and the Carrara marble.