Barnard Statuary Maintenance—Private

Harrisburg, PA

The two sculpture groups—Love and Labor: The Unbroken Law and Burden of Life: The Broken Law—designed by George Grey Barnard have flanked the main entrance of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building since their installation in the spring of 1911. Barnard designed the sculptures for the location, while their carving was primarily carried out by the Piccirilli Brothers, from 1909 to 1910.

We were contracted to perform the conservation treatment and maintenance for five calendar years, beginning 2011, for the Barnard Statuary groups.

Specific areas of concern had been identified during the course of previous treatments, as well as during the most recent conditions assessment, to include macro and micro cracking, weathering, blistering, minor losses, biological soiling, staining, and loss of paint. The detailed treatment included cleaning to remove soiling and biological growth, crack injection, mortar joint repair, repointing, fragment reattachment, water management and mitigation, and Dutchmen repair. Photographic records, repair documentation, condition assessments, and maintenance recommendations were provided to the client post treatment.