Chesapeake House Assessment; Materials Conservation Services—Private

Washington, DC

Chesapeake House is a 1937 two-story brick building that abuts Fort Reno Park in northwest Washington, D. C. The National Park Service absorbed the property and building in 1950. Originally the building functioned as a first-floor storefront and second-floor dwelling.

We were contracted to perform materials conservation services for EHT Traceries to support an HSR, which EHT Traceries prepared. A we conservator collected finishes samples and mortar samples in September 2017. Wet chemical analysis was performed on the mortar samples and thin sections of the finishes samples were prepared and analyzed.

The findings of the finishes analysis and mortar analysis were compiled into a report that was submitted to EHT Traceries along with recommendations for a repointing mix. Analysis and color matching of the finishes samples identified traces of earlier finishes in the main rooms, which resembled bright color schemes popular in the 1950s.