Empire State Building

New York, NY

As part of the Empire State Building’s $500M restoration EverGreene replicated the original Art Deco24 foot tall lobby ceiling and corridor murals, painted in metallic silver and gold paints. In total, more than 13,000 square feet of canvas mural was created and installed.

The original design had been severely damaged when the Empire State Building underwent modernization in the early 1960s when a fluorescent light ceiling was installed.To recreate the murals, the design phase began by researching historical photographs and tracing extant remnants of the ceiling murals. All mural painting work was executed in EverGreene’s New York studio on fire retardant canvas.

The 26-step process used over 115,000 sheets of aluminum leaf and required more than 20,000 man-hours. The recreated murals were installed on a new ceiling, inches below the  original, thereby conserving the extant portions of the original mural.

The construction phase was completed after-hours to minimize disruption. To compliment the lobby’s marble clad walls, EverGreene artisans designed and created faux marble printed panels to cover the partition walls during construction. Notably, the space remained occupied during installation.