Gabriel Loire Dalle De Verre Windows

National Young Arts Foundation, Miami, FL

World-renowned glass artist Gabriel Loire and his studio Ateliers Loire produced stunningly beautiful walls for the “Jewel Box” an annex to the original Bacardi Building in Miami, Florida in the early 1970’s. The uninterrupted walls of thick glass slugs embedded in epoxy enclose 2 open plan floors of this cube-shaped building, allowing the Florida light to permeate the interior of what was once an office building with a sparking and immersive light which becomes a glowing jeweled box at night when the lights within the building come on.

The National Young Arts Foundation is restoring the building for use as dance and music studios. We were engaged to study the aged epoxy bedded walls, develop a conservation scope and oversee implementation. After research and study, including extensive communications with the Atelier in France, which under the grandson’s direction, a survey was prepared, and a scope of work developed.

Working with Femenella Associates, who were engaged by the client to perform the work, the walls were conserved. The goals of maximum retention of original material, minimal intervention and thorough documentation are being following in this groundbreaking effort to apply conservation standards to the preservation of this unique building.