Iron Gates Conservation Treatment—Ringling Museum of Art

Sarasota, FL

The service gates entrance provides access to the drive on the north side of the Ringling Museum complex. The entrance consists of two, two-leaf swinging gates and one fixed fence section. Museum staff and vendors currently use the northern swinging gate; the southern gate is not currently used. The gate was fabricated using a number of different types of iron elements including hollow tubes and channels, rolled bar stock, forged iron, and cast iron.

The ironwork had widespread paint failure and extensive corrosion and rust jacking where galvanizing had failed. Many of the straps fastening sections together were deformed from rust-jacking.

After assessing the failures we performed conservation treatment of the gates and associated fence section, main entrance gate, and one iron window grille. The service gates and window grille were treated offsite, while the main entrance gate was treated in place. The removed sections were blasted, reconstructed and coated with a high performance system. Iron worked on-site was approached with a more localized treatment. All work was based on our previous assessment and recommendations in 2014. Detailed documentation and maintenance recommendations were provided to the client.