Ticketing Concourse

Union Station, Los Angeles, CA

The restoration of the ceiling tiles of the Ticketing Concourse is the second phase of the large revitalization project of the Los Angeles Union Station, in which EverGreene also restored acoustic tile throughout the station and the ceiling tiles of the Entry Vesituble and Grand Waiting Room.

The grand scale of the Los Angeles Union Station’s structure is emphasized by architectural features that accentuate the enormity of the space. The ceiling in the ticket concourse is adorned with an exposed truss structure that imitates large Spanish-style beams. The tiles housed between the beams are an early form of acoustical paneling that has been painted with beautiful Mission Revival designs.

Years of general use and water damage had dampened the vibrancy of many finishes within the space. Our team of restoration specialists and decorative artists worked to restore all ceiling features to their original glory. We wrapped the beam structure with a plaster stabilizing material and replicated and reinstalled compromised acoustical panels. The remaining intact panels were cleaned, and all ceiling designs and finishes were restored to reflect the historic color palette.