Loggia and Entrance Assessment—State Finance Building—Private

Harrisburg, PA

We assessed the exterior envelope at the loggia and entrance of the 1930’s State Finance Building, part of the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The entrance had long been enclosed due to concerns regarding life/safety following a carved piece of the cornice falling off. Using an 80’ articulating man lift, conservators sounded every block within the terra cotta soffit and limestone cladding at the loggia from the roof line to the street grade. In addition to annotating the findings on AutoCAD drawings, any loose stones which were identified as posing a life/safety concern were removed wherever feasible.

The assessment team identified factors that contributed to building deficiencies and continued deterioration of the masonry. The team then made recommendations for corrective action, and where necessary, recommended additional investigation in areas beyond the project scope.

Conservators collaborated with the project architect and developed treatment means for integrating the work into an upcoming waterproofing project. A list of recommended projects was developed and suggestions were made for prioritizing work. Unit costs were included for the purposes of developing a budget.