Mexican War Monument Conservation—Pennsylvania State Capitol—Private

Harrisburg, PA

We working under contract with C. A. Lindman were awarded a five year contract to conserve and maintain the marble and granite monument constructed in 1868 on the Pennsylvania State Capitol complex grounds in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Conservation of the structure began with a thorough cleaning of the stone surfaces using an antimicrobial and non-ionic detergent and clean water. Severely weathered areas on the monument were consolidated using special chemicals which helped strengthen the stone and make it less susceptible to the harmful effects caused by factors which affect most outdoor statuary: weathering, biological growth, and environmental pollutants. Deteriorated mortar joints were raked out and repointed using a custom color-matched mortar. Deteriorated patches were removed and areas of loss were repaired. All cracks were cleaned out and filled with an injection grout to help prevent the ingress of water. Prior repairs and conservation measures were assessed and replaced or repaired when needed.

Once the treatment was completed, we provided the client with a detailed conservation treatment report which included the methods and materials that were used during the treatment, complete photodocumentation of the treatment, and maintenance recommendations which were performed during the subsequent four years of the contract.