St. Paul’s Chapel & University Student Center

Madison, WI

St. Paul’s Chapel & University Catholic Student Center serves the catholic students of University of Wisconsin, Madison. EverGreene developed and implemented a comprehensive liturgical artistry program for St. Paul’s new chapel which includes artwork designed to support the architecture and function of the building. EverGreene designed and installed new bas reliefs on the walls and murals on the ceiling, sanctuary and nave. The nave ceiling received new panel borders, new ceiling beam stenciling, and new upper wall decoration, the latter two were done on canvas and installed onsite later. The nave is surrounded by a balcony which was new adorned with twelve bas relief railings that feature the life of Christ and St. Paul. The columns along the upper nave were done in faux porphyry and above each column a plaster mosaic tray was installed. The columns of the lower nave were also redone in faux porphyry and the lower arcade was finished with decorative surrounds.

Elements were realized in a variety of media including: hand-sculpted and cast bas-relief panels which narrate scenes from the lives of Christ and St. Paul, flanked by peacocks – which represent immortality in religious artwork; large scale hand painted figurative murals of the risen Christ, Madonna and Child, Archangels, and the Holy Family; non-figurative artwork including printed patterns, mosaic surrounds, borders, text, and decorative finishes.

The apse is the most striking part of the new design for the church. The new mural, completed on canvas, depicts a large Christ the Teacher on a gold background. Beneath the apse lies a new reredos that features a Madonna and child reminiscent of Raphael’s, also completed on canvas and installed later. The reredos Capitol was done by EverGreene in plaster and a lower wall diaper patter was also installed along the sanctuary walls. St. Paul’s held a dedication ceremony in November 2017.