St. Pius X Church

Granger, IN

St. Pius was in need of a larger church to accommodate its growing Roman Catholic community in the Diocese of Ft. Wayne-South Bend. For this new 1,300-seat church EverGreene designed, fabricated and installed new murals and liturgical design / decoration. Design work began by meeting with the committee and architects, studying the architecture of the building, and researching the ecclesiastical precedent of Lombardy, St. Pius’ home.

The original artwork includes:

  • A celestial pattern on the sanctuary dome and inscription
  • A mural on the triumphal arch tympanum featuring Christ flanked by angels and 12 sheep, above the communion of saints and murals of St. Peter and St. Pius X in the style of mosaics
  • Medallions of the apostles on each clerestory bay and the transept received 12 lunettes featuring stags drinking from the waters of Christ
  • Stenciling, faux quoining and Petrine symbolism throughout the church