Art Conservation

Artists use all imaginable materials and techniques in the production of their work. Gathering information on these materials their significance within the artwork, and how artists view the issues of degradation, transience and inter-activity, is essential for developing the best preservation and new construction strategies for these increasingly complex works of art.

Public Art
Sculpture conservation almost always faces remediating environmental effects, such as exposure to weather and pollution, on both traditional and modern materials. Stone crumbles, metals corrode, wood rots, and paint peels or fades. While conservators have a wide choice of conservation treatment options for stabilizing and restoring outdoor sculpture, protection and prevention of future damage remains the main challenge. Ongoing maintenance is usually necessary when is comes to the conservation of outdoor monuments, statuary and sculpture.

Decorative Painting
Historic wall coverings are especially fragile. Often, they need to be recreated and EverGreene rigorously investigates, documents and tests the existing wall coverings to determine the original patterns, colors and current conditions. Our designers then apply the same methodology and thoughtfulness of conservation to the historic recreation, which involves mechanical, digital and hand-applied techniques.