Decorative & Specialty Finishes

Our in-house artisans have extensive experience with both traditional and non-traditional methods for decorative painting, gilding, glazing, scagliola and coatings. Their understanding of color, pattern, texture, materiality and the value of creating space that is both timeless and contemporary.

EverGreene’s decorative arts and specialty finishes can be seen worldwide in premier locations such as renowned department stores, prestigious ​city parks and historically important theaters. Distinctive standard and custom finishes that are created independently or in collaboration with interior designers, range from the avant-garde to the traditional.

The Specialty Finishes Studio continually innovates new approaches to complex designs and reinterprets fine art materials. Thousands of unique examples can be viewed in the studio or sent as samples, including “green” treatments for LEED-certified buildings.

Our Specialty Finishes Services include:

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