Graffiti Conservation & Removal

Graffiti removal is not always a straightforward approach. Varying materials require diverse responses, and removing graffiti without proper consultation can do more permanent damage than the graffiti itself. Our conservators navigate these disasters and determine the best practices for prevention, removal, and maintenance. We incorporate preventative approaches into new designs through installation considerations and graffiti coatings. These can reduce graffiti, minimize damage, and ameliorate maintenance programs. 

We understand that not all graffiti is equal. What’s art, what’s a disaster, and what can stay? However, when graffiti occurs, even if it is kept, it should be documented. Over time, the paint cures and stains deep into surfaces, ultimately making it harder to remove. Without the proper care and attention, scratches and carvings can lead to corrosion and secondary damage that requires more elaborate treatment down the road.

Our conservation team can provide training and written treatment recommendations detailing procedures and best practices in handling graffiti removal. We study and understand the damage to determine the most effective and least aggressive way to care for the affected object.

Time is of the essence. Contact an EverGreene expert with your graffiti concerns today.