Investigation, Testing & Analysis

Original architectural materials, such as stone, wood, metal, mortar, plaster, and paint, contribute to the significance and visual authenticity of historic buildings. To preserve the historic fabric, it is important to identify and characterize original materials, which are often hidden by post-historic interventions, repairs, and renovations. Onsite investigation and probing conducted by our team of conservators and artisans is undertaken with the goal of identifying and documenting the presence and condition of original materials, ornament, and historical color palettes and decoration. Our findings are focused on informing design decisions and work scoping and are typically presented in an illustrated report.

To support onsite investigations, we offer testing and analysis conducted either in our in-house conservation laboratory or through outside specialty laboratories. Material analysis can expand our understanding of historic fabric and sub-components, as well as the causes of deterioration and potential treatments and repairs. Based on the results of the analysis, our conservators can devise testing programs to identify the most effective and appropriate materials and methodologies to mitigate deterioration and damage.