Investigation, Testing & Analysis

Original building materials, such as stone, wood, metal, mortar, plaster, and paint, contribute to the significance and visual authenticity of historic buildings. To preserve the historic fabric of historic architecture and art, it is important to identify original materials and finishes, which are often hidden by post-historic interventions, repairs, and renovations. Onsite probing and examination conducted by our team of conservators establishes the presence and condition of historic materials, ornament, finishes, and color palettes and changes over time.

To support of onsite investigations, we conduct further testing and analysis in our in-house conservation laboratory or at a specialty laboratory. We offer petrographic analysis of mortar, plaster, stone, and related materials. Careful analysis of the collected data provides evidence and understanding of the historic fabric of a building, a piece of art, or artifact, and informs potential causes for deterioration. Based on the results, our conservators recommend conservation treatments, using the most effective and appropriate materials and methodologies to mitigate further deterioration and damage. These measures maintain full integrity of the historic fabric and are 100% reversible.

Investigation, testing and analysis is always conducted with the goal to inform appropriate conservation treatments, restoration and design decisions, and are typically presented in an illustrated report.