Plaster Fabrication

Plaster fabrication involves mold making and casting of three-dimensional, ornamental decoration, commonly found in historic architecture. Plaster is a composite of gypsum and lime. Ornamental plaster can be used for trims and moldings, as well as elaborate shapes cast from molds, such as rosettes, medallions, cartouches, urns, and figural sculptures.

Over time, ornamental plaster is susceptible to damage or loss, making plaster fabrication a key element of many restoration and historic conservation project. In cases where an ornament is beyond repair or may no longer exists, new details or the entire ornament can be re-created.

In our plaster fabrication studios in New York and Los Angeles, plaster specialists design and sculpt new plaster ornaments, recreate missing parts, and mold and cast replicas, at times based on archival photographs or drawings, where physical examples no longer remain.

Our experts in the areas of plaster design, sculpting, molding, and casting, and are available to implement a large array of architectural plaster applications. New ornamental components can be created in plaster, glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG), or cast stone.

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