Plaster Fabrication

Ornamental and decorative plaster is a primary architectural component of many historic and contemporary churches, theaters, residences, and public buildings. In historic buildings plaster often was used for domes, crown moldings, rosettes, medallions, cornices, rails, mantels, plaques, columns, and capitals.

Over time, plaster may get brittle, forming fine lines and cracks, ultimately resulting in the loss of intricate details or even entire ornamental elements. Plaster restoration involves stabilization, consolidation, replication, design, molding, casting, and reattachment of missing pieces. Oftentimes is also includes restoring murals, and reapplying decorative painting and other specialty finishes.

Our plaster fabrication studios in New York and Los Angeles employ a broad array of experts in the areas of plaster design, molding, casting, sculpting for a broad array of architectural plaster applications. For historic plaster restoration projects we first analyze systemic problems and material compositions, before arriving at the best possible solution for a restoration or conservation plan.

Many of our projects involve studio work as well as work onsite in the field. In the studio, artists fabricate stencils, plaster ornaments, murals on canvas and other specialty finishes. In the field, an experienced foreman will lead a crew of skilled craftsmen to complete and implement the work. Our studio sculptors recreate missing elements from physical and archival evidence, or design and cast new ornaments in plaster, glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG), or cast stone.