About Evergreene

We Thrive on Challenges


One of the great advantages to working with EverGreene is our single‐source capability to assist you through an entire project, from beginning to end. From restoration to conservation, from plasterwork to decorative painting, from new artwork to historic fine art, from surface preparation and quality coatings to custom decorative finishing treatments, EverGreene can help you execute all of your well‐laid plans and designs.

Encyclopedic knowledge of the materials and techniques of the architectural arts and three decades of hands‐on experience have enabled us to develop innovative methodologies for creating and preserving art in architectural settings. Clients also benefit from our unified artistic vision and our consistently high standards of artistry and craftsmanship, all informed by a cross‐disciplinary approach integrating conservation science, restoration craftsmanship, advanced technology, art history, architecture, engineering, and construction.

EverGreene is motivated by the thrill of challenges met and fulfilled with thought, skill, and artistry. Past queries that have been successfully met include: Can you create dome artwork that would withstand an earthquake? Recreate lost ornamental plaster and a Victorian decorative paint scheme following a fire? Remove and reinstall historically significant murals painted directly on the wall? Watch the video below on our Historic Finishes Investigations for an inside look at just one our services.

We welcome your inquiries and offer consultations for most prospective types of work. For a selection of EverGreene client testimonials, please click here. To get in touch with our team about your project, email Allison Hammer today or call us at 212.244.2800.

We’re always looking for dynamic individuals to join the EverGreene team! Check our careers page to take a look at the opportunities we have available.