93rd Academy Awards at LA Union Station

Just as trains serve as our connection from every destination to destination, the mission of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences connects the world through the medium of motion pictures, making it fitting that the 93rd Academy Awards will be partially held at Los Angeles Union Station in addition to the traditional venue, the Dolby Theatre! As the last of the grand railroad terminals, its Mission Moderne architectural style embodies the golden age of rails. Despite declining rail travel, it has thrived as a Historic-Cultural Monument, has been featured in a plethora of iconic films throughout its time, and is an iconic venue for the Oscars this year.

EverGreene recently wrapped up another restoration project at Los Angeles Union Station just in time for the Academy Awards to “Bring the Movie Love” to the historic space. Beneath the “tarnished ceiling panels, dim, brownish squares that hadn’t been cleaned in nearly 80 years and were so caked with tobacco tar and dirt that they appeared to be solid wood rather than painted plaster… As it turns out, versions of the ceiling painting, California wildflowers by L.A. artist Herman Sachs, bloom brightly throughout the station, the work crew discovered.” Los Angeles Times.